Women's 1/2 Finger Leather Driving GlovesBy Fratelli Orsini Everyday$54.95 SALE! $25.95 (53% off!)


Now at an all time low price, straight from Italy, our womens half fingered gloves

  • 1/2 Finger Styling
  • Open back, vent holes and snap closure
  • Larger range of sizes than most gloves, from 6(XS) to 9(XXL)
  • Made of the finest Italian lambskin leather
  • Unlined
  • Made In Italy
  • Style: ED4915
  • Sizing hint:These gloves run true to size

We have sold these 100% made in Italy 1/2 finger leather driving gloves in many colors at a very affordable price for years. This year we made them even better -- a better cut for a better fit, even better Italian lambskin leather, and some very small design changes that make them more durable. These very cool, very fashionable half-finger driving gloves for women come in a wide variety of high-style colors. Although many people think that you're getting half a glove and so it should cost half the price, the truth is that a well made 1/2 finger glove requires the same amount of labor as a full finger glove and uses the same percentage of a high-quality hide that a full finger glove does. So, we are sorry to say, we have to sell these very high quality 1/2 finger gloves for the same price as our full-finger model, ED4910. Like them, they are imported from Italy exclusively for us. A glove that was styled and cut to perfectly fit a woman's hand, these gloves are available in our largest range of sizes for women's driving gloves: 6(XS)-9(XXL)

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