Women's Italian Rex Rabbit Fur Cuff Winter Leather GlovesBy Fratelli Orsini$176.95 SALE! $49.95 (72% off!)


Now at our lowest price, Women's Italian Rex Rabbit Fur Cuff Winter Leather Gloves

  • Soft and beautiful leather gloves with Rex Rabbit Fur Cuff
  • Cuff can be turned up to create 4-button length
  • 4-Button length, extend 3.5 - 4 inches beyond the wrist
  • Made of the finest Italian lambskin leather
  • Lined with 100% pure Italian silk
  • Made In Italy
  • Style: CR4405
  • Sizing hint:These gloves run true to size.

These rabbit fur gloves are a true luxury thanks to the unique and beautiful pelts of the rare Rex rabbit. Because the guard hairs and underfur are the same length, the fur cuff is unbelievably soft and warm, and its gorgeous coloring complements the fine lambskin shell of these dressy silk-lined leather gloves. Italian designers at Fratelli Orsini have specially crafted the gloves to let you either show off the incredible rabbit fur, or turn up the cuff to create a longer 4-button length that lets the fur warm and caress your skin.

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