Men's Italian Carpincho Men's Cashmere Lined Dress GlovesBy Fratelli Orsini$230.95


  • Genuine Exotic Capincho Leather
  • Elastic at wrist on palm side
  • Contrasting insert
  • Made of Genuine Carpincho Leather
  • Lined in 100% Italian Cashmere
  • Made In Italy
  • Style: CA3646
  • Sizing hint:These gloves run true to size.

These cashmere lined dress gloves made from the exotic Carpincho leather. Carpincho leather, comes from the South American Capybara and has a truly unique appearance and feel. These gloves are offered in the cork color with a purple triangular insert that highlights the natural Carpincho grain. Lined in 100% Italian cashmere, these are one of the more luxurious pairs of dress gloves available from the artisans at Fratelli Orsini!

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