Handsewn Italian Cashmere Lined Men's Carpincho Dress GlovesBy Fratelli Orsini$236.95 SALE! $140.95 (41% off!)


Overstock Sale! Our lowest price ever!

  • Genuine Exotic Capincho Leather
  • Table cut and handsewn
  • Made of Genuine Carpincho Leather
  • Lined in 100% Italian Cashmere
  • Made In Italy
  • Style: CA0395
  • Sizing hint:These gloves run true to size.

These handsewn cashmere lined Carpincho dress gloves are exotic while also being very elegant; so exotic you might want to put them in a display case rather than wear them. But don't! Made from the Carpincho hide an animal found in the South American Capybara, it is related to Peccary but much rarer. These wonderful buttery soft gloves are offered in the two distinct colors of coffee and grey that display and highlight the natural Carpincho grain. Lined in 100% Italian cashmere, you won't find a more exotic pair of dress gloves!

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